Research Center for the Middle Ages

The Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities maintains several research projects relating to the medieval millennium (approx. 500-1500 AD). They have joined together to form the Research Center for the Middle Ages (“Mittelalterzentrum”).

The main goal of the Center is to promote fundamental research in medieval studies and cooperation among all those who work for the preservation and dissemination of the cultural heritage of that millenium. The Center encourages the exchange of ideas between medievalists working at the Academy as well among the medievalist community in Berlin and Brandenburg in general. It disseminates knowledge and increases the visibility of medieval studies in Germany’s capital region. It also offers a forum for discussions about the conceptual and methodological renewal of medieval studies.

The Research Center for the Middle Ages organizes a yearly public lecture series (“Das mittelalterliche Jahrtausend”) about perspectives on the medieval millenium from different world cultures and academic disciplines. The manuscripts are published. Other activities include workshops and summer schools for young medievalists.

The individual projects collaborating in the Research Center for the Middle Ages can be found here.